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Supporting Eye and Neck Formula

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A fragrance free, moisturising and anti-aging eye product. It comes in 15ml, 50ml and 100ml sizes as some of my customers like to use it décolleté and under the arms – anywhere where crepy skin is a concern.

Skin Type

Suitable for all skin-types, especially, dry/dehydrated and mature skin.

Ingredients and benefits

Macadamia Nut Oil and Shea Butter combined with Rose water, Vitamin E and Cucumber extract bring anti-wrinkle, cell regenerating, cooling and moisture retaining properties to this eye cream. The addition of Hyaluronic acid and Siberian Ginseng provides anti-aging, tightening and lifting benefits. How to use it Apply one – two pumps to the back on the hand then, using the ring fingers, dot the product under the eye contour. Apply in gentle, outward movements. Any residual product can be smoothed into the back of the hands and then applied to the neck.