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ThinkSmall act as an agent to your local cleaner, once you book we will arrange for the service provider to get in touch with you to confirm everything. 

What's included in a Clean?
  • Cleaning of all rooms in your home with all products and equipment required provided by the professionals
  • Bathroom basin, bath, shower and toilet cleaning
  • Kitchen counters, floor, and hob cleaning
  • Washing all window interiors and flat surfaces (walls not included)
  • Emptying of rubbish bins into outside bins
  • Cleaners are not expected to clean inside appliances or deep clean/shampoo carpets
  • Estimated time: 2 - 3 hours with a team of at least 2 professionals

How long will the Deep Cleaning take?

The time estimated is working hours, which means it will take 2 cleaners working together for 2 hours, or 1 technician for 4 hours.
Based on two technicians working, a deep cleaning or spring cleaning for
Studios or 1 bedroom homes require 2 working hours.
2 bedroom homes require 2 working hours
3 bedrooms approximately 3 working hours
4 & 5 bedrooms require 4 working hours
6 bedrooms homes require 5 working hours
Regular clean hourly rate just choose 1 hrs then add more to cart for house size
(regular cleans are a lighter clean up)

Please note that as local small businesses the service providers will of course provide additional work if requested but it will be chargeable and organised with the operative directly