Aboot us

What is it?

ThinkSmall was started by a few mint northeast, small businesses hookin' up. We wanted to share a platform and rave aboot each other so that more money spent rund here stays local (and doesn't gan off to a tax haven somewhere).

We knocked up this community marketplace of class small businesses arund the Northeast so you can find mint products, services and experiences near you. ThinkSmall Local has it aal from amazing handmade pressies to top notch hoose stuff and aal sold by independent small businesses who love, live & spend in your community.


Whats the Craic?

Just jump into the menu and pick yer area, the dropdoon'll have loads a businesses rund yee that ye can pick or ye can just select the area and browse the lot.

Some businesses ye can just buy from on here, some'll tek ye to thar own site and some ye can get in touch with to book etc. One thing is guaranteed though, they'll aal be crackin' local small businesses.


Are you a great local business owner?

Join us now and benefit from being in front of the best consumers in your area. Select HERE to get involved