We've made a small switch and LOVE it

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We've made a small switch and LOVE it

So a new Baker's opened up in our small market town which has been devoid of one for many years, there was great excitement (as you would expect when somewhere is pedalling carbs 😂).

Lots of social media posts were shared around by residents of the town, how would it change their lives, how sick they were of the bland "same" stuff they currently buy and will it be good.

Opening day arrived and we made our plans to head down for around 10:00 as they opened at 08:00 and our kids weren't going to allow us to leave that early 😫, we all wrapped up and trudged down to warm our hearts with doorstops of fresh bread. We missed it! apparently the doors were opened and the place was flooded, 100 loaves bought in 90 minutes. A fantastic first day and glowing reports from all, what then followed was 2 closed days 😫 so we eagerly awaited our fix. I'm happy to report when we did eventually get our fix it was amazing and brilliant value, we paid a little more than we normally would but it was actually better and a touch larger (not made by a machine in a uniform tin but lovingly mad by hand).

We've made the decision to regularly buy there now and I think we're all going to be much happier about it.

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