How to support local business in your area

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How to support local business in your area

There are hundreds of brilliant, small, local businesses in your area and by making a few subtle changes in your habits you can shop local & support them which in turn grow's your local community and economy.

Using the ThinkSmall platform is a great start, its designed to add convenience to your local shopping experience.

So here goes, my first ever blog!!

Setting the scene

I decided to dispense with the research and ramble (its how I've always got through life) and I suppose that the best place to start is at the beginning.

I was never planning on running a small businesses and given the start of my working life, I wasn't really planning on running a small local business. I left school and almost immediately joined the Army, further education was never really on the horizon and I'd had family in the other forces so off I went to travel the world. Military life is full of great experiences and amazing comradery but no obvious small, local business experience.

Fast forward to today and i've now been part of the. growth of 5 separate small businesses. What i've learned in that time is that small businesses rock! they contribute so much to the area's that they trade. I've seen local shops host regular community get togethers, employ whole families, sponsor local clubs and sports teams and even gift items to the community.

The owners and staff of these great local companies spend in the area's that they serve, they're integrated into the communities where they'll use other local small shop's & businesses. They provide most of the employment to the area's they serve and they improve the look and feel of the towns, streets and quirky locations they reside.

What can you do?

Firstly, don't always shop online (yes, even if it is on ThinkSmall), shop local and visit these great businesses. There are very few local shop's who get into it for the money, they tend to get into whatever they specialise in because they love it themselves which means they're a valuable source of expertise and experience, on occasions you might pay a little extra but that's because they know the quality of what they sell and won't compromise by selling cheap imitations. It's likely that they've done what they do for many years and they know it inside out, they know the pitfalls and have vast experience that you just can't gain with online research. Use them to your advantage and you wont have to buy twice.

Down to the nitty gritty, try swapping out those supermarket veggies for the fresh quality veg at the market. find a local farm shop which will shorten the journey from field to fork. Use a local, independent restaurant every now and then instead of your favourite piri piri chicken chain.

You can also go big when you ThinkSmall, there are some fantastic independent furniture makers and retailers in most areas. Look at using a smaller business for your new kitchen or bathroom.

Even if you just do one or two of these things you can help keep an extra 23% of what you spend within your local economy.


If its just not convenient to do any of the above and you don't have the time then of course we want to bring the ease of online shopping to your local community. Shop local on the ThinkSmall site and you can guarantee that 2% of your spend goes to a charity in your area, less of the small business income will have to be spent on marketing with companies who have tax havens round the world and more will stay local.

What now?

Browse our directory for your area and see the great small, local businesses that are being added every day and if you have a small business then reach out to us to see how we can help you sell local.

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