Happy Hexham shoppers on Market day in the northeast of the UK. Hexham is near Corbridge, Riding Mill, Haydon Bridge, Tyne Valley, Tynedale

Connecting thoughtful & responsible shoppers with great local businesses

We bring you the convenience of online shopping with the benefit of using your local businesses meaning that you're building up your own community as you shop

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Use our map to find great local businesses in our region, tap the top bar of the map to tick or untik categories or just zoom into where you are to find small local alternatives to BIG business. Shopping local keeps more of your spend in the local economy & you deserve the best

Reduce Your Purchase Miles

One of the most important ways buying locally helps the environment is by reducing your product miles. By shopping locally, you are purchasing goods produced in your local community. Normally when you shop online, many of the items you buy travel over 1500 miles to reach you. By cutting down on these miles, you are reducing the environmental impact of your purchase.

Too big to be SMALL

We at ThinkSmall are lovers of great, local small businesses and believe that you cannot beat the quality and service provided by the fantastic small companies near you.

We do however acknowledge that there are also some brilliant, community minded big companies that play a huge part in reaching out and improving the local areas that they serve.

Below we have our rogues gallery of companies that are way too big to be small but have partnered up with us to improve where we live and inspire each community to grow and thrive.

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